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All Data Focus products are 100% compatible with their Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) counterparts. Our products adhere to strict quality control standards. Their performance exceeds the best our competition has to offer. All of our products are backed by our rock-solid, 100% satisfaction money-back guarantee, and each comes with a minimum one-year warranty.

Data Focus brand products include:

Inkjet Cartridges... PerfectJetTM Inkjet Cartridges
LAN Cabinet SystemsTM
Media Storage SystemsTM
Printbands... PerfectBandTM Printbands
Ribbons... PrintPerfect44TM Ribbons
Toner Cartridges... LaserPerfectTM Long Life Toner

We provide more than 670,000 quality computer supplies and accessories


PerfectJetTM Inkjet Cartridges
All Data Focus PerfectJetTM Inkjet Cartridges are manufactured to be 100% compatible with OEM manufacturers, including Canon, Epson and Hewlett-Packard. The ink goes through rigorous analysis and testing for color shading. Replacement cartridges are constructed of first-use, new materials. And that's just the beginning! We also:
  • Check sponges for ideal ink absorption.
  • Perform hourly checks on ink weight by weighing an ink tank, filling cartridges, and weighing again.
  • Test cartridges at random for quality control.
  • Run regularly scheduled live tests to completion (printing until the cartridge runs dry).
  • Check cartridges for leakage.
Ink Cartridges

LAN Cabinet SystemsTM
Our Data Focus quality LAN Cabinet SystemsTM are custom-built to hold and protect your expensive computer equipment. Don't confuse our cabinets with cheap counterparts. We start with specially-manufactured metal reinforced with special welding techniques to provide more structural integrity. Our shelves are tested by independent laboratories on weights and loads. While competitors' cabinets have wobbly front doors, ours are rigid and sturdy. We also offer free, no-obligation CAD drawings to help design your custom LAN cabinets. With more than 500 parts to choose from, we'll construct a cabinet to fit your specific requirements! Our LAN Cabinet SystemsTM offer these features:
  • 14- and 16-gauge cold rolled steel frames with welded construction.
  • Pullout shelves that support 150 pounds (standard) or 275 pounds (heavy duty).
  • Optional heavy duty swivel casters with levelers for easy moving.
  • Choice of steel-framed doors with tempered glass or aluminum-framed doors with Plexiglas.
  • Removable side panels.
  • 500 components to choose from.
LAN Cabinet

Media Storage SystemsTM
Data Focus supplies Media Storage SystemsTM that are designed to hold all your important media, regardless of size and volume. Media Storage CabinetsUnlike poorly-constructed storage that may look similar on the outside, the units Data Focus carries have built-in features to give you sturdy support, security, and easy access to your data. We offer cabinets, drawers, shelves, carousels and cases - in floor models, desktop models and transportable models.

Our office models are manufactured of heavy-gauge steel construction with easy drawer slides that lock into place when open. These drawers won't dump out on you! Our models are built to withstand heavy office use. You can choose fixed storage, movable storage or stackable storage.

We offer custom designs to hold your particular mix of media, including DLT, 4mm and 8mm tape, optical and magnetic media, and more. Our cabinets also have movable drawer dividers to keep your media separated and to aid in filing, allowing easy placement and retrieval.

PerfectBandTM Printbands
Data Focus PerfectBandTM Printbands are manufactured and tested to meet or exceed the quality and reliability of OEM specifications. From drawing board to finished product, our printbands are superior to all others:
    Print Bands
  • Due to custom designed alpha-numerics drafted at 50X and reduced to final size with a single-step photographic process, there is no character distortion. Unlimited character designs are easily produced.
  • Our one-bite chemical etching process reduces etch factor to a minimum and provides uniform floor depth to prevent excessive material build-up and stress points.
  • Our printbands have maximum finish flexibility, with clean, uniformly etched characters suitable for any special surface finishing for improved ribbon life, wear and decreased friction.
  • We offer a variety of band configurations. Most part numbers are available to meet a variety of today's printers, including Dataproducts, Fujitsu, Genicom/Centronics, Hitachi, IBM, Printronix, Unisys, and many others.

PrintPerfect44TM Ribbons
Impact Printer Ribbons
Data Focus PrintPerfect44TM Ribbons last up to 44% longer than competing brands. Our ribbons give sharper, crisper print ... to give you excellent print quality and superior value. We provide more than 22,400 different ribbons, the largest selection available, including POS ribbons.
  • The nylon for our ribbons arrives at our facility mapped for flaws, which we remove. This gives our ribbons the industry's lowest defective/return rate, just .003%.
  • Then we twist the ribbon's vertical threads to create more surface area per square inch -- holding as much as 26% more ink than competing brands.
  • Using our unique, nine-day Triple Pass Process, we add the maximum amount of ink over 72-hour periods, allowing each ink application to cure. This maximizes reliability and longevity, and provides superior inking!

Thermal Printer Ribbons
Data Focus produces extremely durable wax, wax/resin and resin thermal transfer ribbons, all manufactured to our strict specifications to provide you with sharp, cost-effective printing.
    Thermal Ribbons
  • Our thermal transfer ribbons require less printhead energy than competing brands. With less wear and tear, you replace printheads less frequently and reduce printer maintenance costs.
  • Our general purpose wax ribbons are smudge- and scratch-resistant -- even at high print speeds with heat levels up to 150 degrees Celsius. You'll see exceptional print quality, especially for complex label formats, normal and rotated bar codes, logos, graphics and two-dimensional codes.

LaserPerfectTM Long Life Toner
Toner We design Data Focus LaserPerfectTM Long Life Toner Cartridges for demanding printers. Each cartridge is manufactured using durable, long-life optical photoconductor drums geared for top performance. Our 28-step quality control process includes visual inspection, pressure cleaning and a complete parts inspection. We also test every cartridge to verify final print quality. That's why we guarantee:
  • solid densities
  • firm toner adherence to paper
  • crisp, clean images
  • excellent print yield

Each Data Focus LaserPerfectTM MICR toner cartridge contains new critical imaging components, including a new long-life photoconductor drum. We test every single cartridge we sell to ensure exceptional mechanical and imaging operation. We also test printing quality of all 14 MICR characters, measuring the signal strength of each character. We include this test sheet with the cartridge.

And we offer one more special service!
Recycle your used cartridges When your cartridges are spent, rather than have you toss them into a landfill,
we'll mail you a UPS pre-paid ARS label. You can ship the cartridges back to us at our expense, and we'll have them recycled! Each toner cartridge deposited in a landfill is equivalent to pouring 2 quarts of dirty oil in the ground. By recycling, we all help save our planet. Call or e-mail us for the label.

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